Be Earth Foundation

Introduction and Mission

The Be Earth Intergovernmental Organization (referred hereinafter as “BEIGO”) is a treaty based organization with the vision of building long-term partnerships with communities, governments, the United Nations, private sector, NGOs, IGOs, academia and think tanks in order to bring sustainability to communities while creating a better and cleaner world through helping to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and future Sustainable Development Goals.

The BEIGO also intends to work collaboratively with governments to promote the use of sustainable energies that are readily available to their respective countries and to propagate the use of proven technologies to other countries. In doing so it will facilitate the transition from a carbon dependent economy to a sustainable energy based economy, particularly in developing countries where there are traditional and socioeconomic barriers.

The BEIGO seeks to promote and implement sustainable energy and sustainable practices projects for increased development of agriculture with focus on maximizing job creation.