Facilitate a transition to a collaborative, stable and sustainable future, addressing security, economic, and environmental and social challenges as an inclusive global community, whilst respecting cultural, developmental and religious diversity.

Implement and promote projects with a triple bottom line model that address and enhance human rights in each project location;

Forge alliances among governments, NGOs, IGOs, academia, the private sector and communities at the very basic level, to educate the citizens of the world on the dire need to change its current patterns of energy production and consumption, the use of water and the production of food;

Build alliances with scientists, universities, associations, forums and civil society that have as an objective:

  • 1. to support member states in achieving their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals by implementing projects which enhance each of these goals;
  • 2. to monitor each member state’s progress in terms of delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and publishing the metrics and best practices.

Create global awareness and raise consciousness via multimedia; by working together with global advertisements and media leaders to not only effectively communicate the SDGs, but also to encourage active engagement across sectors, with the end goal to change the way media communicates about these global issues.

Encourage the greater use of sustainable energy, water and food sources and practices as a means of reducing global warming and its adverse impact on the environment, economies and people’s lives and livelihood;

Work collaboratively with governments, IGO’s and NGO’s to promote the use of sustainable energies that are readily available to their respective countries and to propagate the use of proven technologies to other countries;

Facilitate the transition from a carbon-dependent economy to a sustainable energy based economy, particularly in developing countries where tradition and socioeconomic barriers are demonstrated.

Promote and implement sustainable practices and projects for the deployment of energy, water and food resources with a focus on energy and food security and maximizing economic growth at the local level;

To promote the success of the triple bottom line model to member nations and work with governments, IGO’s and NGO’s to realize similar projects focusing on people, planet and profit;

To include, where possible, United Nations Organizations, IGO’s, NGO’s in the development of BEIGO projects