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Be Energy Group (“Be Energy”) is a sustainable project development company that aspires to become the most efficient producer of clean and bio energy on a worldwide basis whilst providing a significant return to investors and a unique pallet of social benefits to its workers, the local community and economy through its triple bottom line business model.

The Energy



Generation of Clean Fuels and Electricity


Reduction in green house gas emissions


Manufacture of bio products

Our Consortium for sustainable success

We have selected our partners to enable us to achieve the goals of our technology. Be Energy uses proprietary proven commercial technology to produce clean and green drop-in fuels as well as green electricity with various feedstocks. Be Energy has developed partnerships for our Sustainable Consortium in the engineering, procurement, construction, insurance, finance and climate bond areas of project development and finance.



Reduce green house gas emissions


Maintain the food chain


Use Latest Innovative Technology


Engineering performance

Clean Synthesis Gas and Precise Control for Drop-In fuels and Renewable Electricity

Biomass projects have failed because of feedstock processing problems. This is why we use technology that provides ultra clean synthesis gas with precise control of the ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide. Because of this capability we are able to process a variety of other feedstocks into drop-in fuels and electrical power.

Advantages of Drop-in Fuels

Our drop-in fuels are direct replacements for existing fuels that are based on fossil fuels. They are shipped in the same delivery system that is used by those based on fossil fuels. And they yield improved engine performance with improved emissions. The gasoline, for example, has an ultra-low sulfur content and a high cetane value to qualify as a premium gasoline. Our product meets the ASTM specifications for premium gasoline.

Natural Gas as the feedstock for clean synthesis Gas

In the U.S. the price of natural gas has plummeted. When we learned that our gasification technology will provide outstanding results with non shale produced natural gas, we proceeded to develop projects to produce cleaner drop-in fuels. We are able to produce premium gasoline with ultra low sulfur and a high octane number.

Goal as feedstock for clean synthesis Gas

Coal has been used as a feedstock for electrical power plants and for liquid fuels. The problems with coal are smog, acid rain and heavy metal contamination of the earth, air and water. Today certain seafoods should be eaten only on a limited basis because of problems with heavy metals. Be Energy technology will enable coal to be used to produce synthesis gas that is free of smog, acid rain and heavy metals. The problems with coal are also diminished for the production of electrical power and liquid fuels.

Outstanding Economic Performance

Be Energy technology provides proven commercial performance in each of the steps in our processes. Accordingly, the technical feasibility and the financial feasibility are assured. We deliver an outstanding yield in gallons per dry ton of biomass and per MCF of natural gas. This proven performance of our technology enables us to obtain the funding for our projects. For our first-of-a-kind projects, we will be scaling up pilot plants for new technology with generally accepted engineering principles.

Advantages of clean and green energy

Biomass energy crops can be grown on marginal agricultural land and provide economic growth and do not impact the food chain. Bioenergy will enable this industrial development to deliver high skilled jobs. Clean and green energy can use domestic resources and eliminate imported fossil fuels to improve the balance of payments. Recycled biomass waste reduces the need for landfills. Char from biomass fuels production can be used as a soil amendment to reduce the need for fertilizers.

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Company Philosophy

The mission of Be Energy is to be an exemplar and world leader in co-creating a new model of corporate success that redefines prosperity through a triple bottom line business approach focussing on people, planet and profit. Be Energy executive members have global experience in the following areas:


Project Development


Project Implementation


Government Relations


Public Relations


Project Financing


Corporate Structuring

Triple Bottom Line Model



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Environmental Protection



Generation of continuous business earnings

Triple Bottom Line Model

Be Energy's projects utilize the triple bottom line model or the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit, which features an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational and societal success: Social, Ecological and Environment. Through the implementation of this model Be Energy will institute what the Harvard Business Review refers to as the “Big Idea: Creating Shared Value”, created by Michael Porter and Michael R. Kramer.

The Be Energy model will create a value chain that will transform lives by offering employment, housing, education, health, land remediation and profit opportunities to the investors.

Be Energy Social

One of the unique features of the Be Energy business model is the social programs that provide both Be Energy employees and the local community with health, education and housing. We will work with local government officials, schools and clinics to identify opportunities to enhance the lives in the local community while providing jobs and clean energy.

For developing nations Be Energy will aid in the creation of sustainable communities to house, educate and provide health clinics for employees, their families and to the community as a whole. For more developed nations, Be Energy will provide scholarships, local upgrades and programs catered to the needs of the local people and community.


Technology Partnerships

Have a technology that can have an impact on the energy sector and looking to partner with a team of dedicated professionals with worldwide reach to achieve your global market goals?

Be Energy is looking to establish partnerships with green technology providers who are interested in penetrating the developing markets around the world.

The developing nations provide a significant opportunity for project implementation and growth but can be difficult markets to enter successfully. Be Energy team members have experience in implementing projects in various nations around the world from project development through to financing.

If you are the owner of a proven green technology and are looking for a partnership to develop your global marketing goals please contact us.

We are not interested in technologies with no proven track record or investing in new technologies at this time and ask that only those with these qualifications contact us regarding potential partnerships.

Project Partnerships

Be Energy believes in forming a strong, healthy and mutually profitable relationship with its on ground partners. We are now seeking on ground global qualified partnerships to develop and implement socially impactful, environmentally responsible and profitable projects in various locations around the world.

We are looking for partners that are qualified and experienced in developing infrastructure projects, have a strong familiarity with local business practices as well as having a strong motivation for bringing sustainable, green and socially beneficial projects to their nation.

Be Energy provides and facilitates the following project points for on ground partners:

  • Experience in Project Development
  • Experience in Project Finance
  • Project Feasibility
  • FEED – 1 Project Preparation and Site Analysis
  • Modular Engineering for FEED – 2/3
  • Site Specific Engineering
  • Project Insurance
  • Project Financing

Please contact us if you have a viable project you would like Be Energy to get involved in.


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Lawrence Bloom

Co-Founder & Chairman


Gregory Bowman

Co-Founder & President


Nicholas Pilbrow

Chief Financial Officer


Don Guilian

Chief Development Officer


Fred Haemer

Chief Technology Officer

Advisory Board

Bryan Martel

Recognizing the need for material amounts of capital to impact climate change on aglobal scale, Bryan worked with Uday Khemka from the Sun Group, HRH The Prince of Wales, and the University of Cambridge’s Program for Industry to establish in 2007 the P8 (“Pensions 8″ is now P 80 and has more than $3 Trillion in investment capital.)

Felix Dodds

Felix is director of the Stakeholder Forum and is globally known for his involvement inthe United Nations Environmental Program, setting up global dialogues and organizing major United Nations summits. He guides United Nations environmental initiatives and communicates their commercial importance to the public.

Simon Jones

Simon is Senior Partner, Bell Pottinger Group, part of Chime Communications Plc. Over the course of the last fifteen years he has advised boards of FTSE and Fortune 100 corporations in all aspects of communications covering media relations, internal communications, crises and broader reputation management.

Christine Lancaster

Christine has practiced as a climate change lawyer for eight of the last ten years with major law firms such as DLA Piper in the UK and Freehills in Sydney. Two years ago she founded Calcarbon Ltd and provides carbon management and funding advisory services for carbon projects.

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