IGO Senior Leadership and Treaty Members:




Treaty Members of the BEIGO


Lawrence Bloom

Founder and Secretary General – Lawrence was appointed the first Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management and he is a current alumna of all Agenda Councils. He is former Chairman of the UN Environmental Programme, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council, and also served as an active a member of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Group of the ICEAW. He was voted into the top 100 list of the worlds most inspiring people for the year 2019 by Ooom Magazine, and in 2017 was voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders. In 2016 Lawrence received an award at the UN from the Humanitarian Innovation Forum for Conscious Leadership. He is a Co Founder of Dakia Global Enterprise, the ultimate holding company of a JV with the the Universal Music Group which together are creating and building music themed hotels, districts and cities. He also forming, on behalf of the Company, an emerging global think tank called the Dakia Scholars. His passion is to support what is breaking through that which is breaking down, in the current system. He considers this action will enable the emergence of a societal model and a society, whose understanding around the interconnectedness of all things will harmonise conscious economics, social wellbeing and environmental responsibility into a healthy, thriving and abundant culture.

Robert Lavia

Deputy Secretary General -In 2015, Robert founded and became Chairman & CEO of Dakia Global Enterprise, focused on high-social impact investments and sustainable development. Current international projects under Dakia Global include U-Ventures, a holding company with the aim of investing in start-ups that serve the entertainment ecosystem. Notorious among them, we find Dakia Entertainment Hospitality, who, in partnership with Universal Music Group, seeks to develop, manage, and promote a global hospitality brand to create immersive music experiences through technology. Between 2011 and 2015, Robert Lavia served as Chief Investment Officer for Veremonte, a London-headquartered private equity firm. During his time there, Robert led the business development and strategy divisions bridging diverse institutional investment groups, high net worth individuals, and governments to develop high impact projects in excess of US$5.0bn AUM. His operating undertakings span across Europe, Asia, and South America in a variety of sectors including real estate, entertainment, retail, energy, agriculture, and manufacturing. The most notable hospitality project while leading Veremonte included Barcelona World. The first phase of the development envisioned three integrated gaming resorts with 3,000 keys each with a total construction volume of over 1.5 million sq. metres. A social entrepreneur at heart, Robert aims to design corporate governances centered around impact investing following the triple bottom line framework, which seeks to create a positive outcome for the global economy on an environmental, financial, and social level.

Gregory Bowman

Founder and Deputy Secretary General – After a successful career as Founder and President of a solar company which implemented projects in seven nations Greg began the Opportunities Beyond Borders program which installed solar panels on schools in developing countries along with providing computers and teachers to educate the local population about technology growth. He then became the first Canadian member admitted to the PPAF, a United Nations organization designed to facilitate public-private partnerships for the purpose of advancing sustainability in developing countries. Greg was appointed Chairperson of Canada to the Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization at the United Nations in the Economic Social Division of the UN. He worked with AOSIS, the Alliance of Small Island States, to establish a framework for developing, insuring and financing sustainable projects. Greg has led the development, finance structuring and implementation of projects in Africa, South America, Central America, North America and the EU. Throughout his time working at the UN and in the private sector, Greg has arranged for the development, insurance partnerships, finance and implementation of over $1.6 billion of sustainable energy projects.

Nicholas Pilbrow

Founder and Director – Nicholas is a chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Taxation. He trained with Arthur Andersen & Co before establishing his own accountancy practice. He has many years of experience in venture capital and corporate finance & structure and has acted as finance director for a number of client companies. He is the CFO of the Be Energy Group of companies.

Chris Rockefeller Lindstrom

Director – Chris has devoted his professional life to sustainable business as an impact investor and as an entrepreneur. He serves on the David Rockefeller Fund, both as a rotating member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The Fund’s Environmental programs focus on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation and sustainability.

Chris lays out the vision for engaging with investors and technologists to successfully launch sustainable business and community based energy solutions, targeting both innovative and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf technologies to fit the right projects.

Azeem M. Qureshi

Director Azeem founded Grasshopper Solar in 2007. As President & CEO, he’s transformed Grasshopper into one of North America’s leading solar energy companies. Since inception, he has spearheaded over $700M in funding to further drive the expansion of it’s asset base. With his on-going commitment to accelerating advancements in sustainability; this forward-thinking entrepreneur has taken the company beyond Canadian borders to the U.S., Japan, Australia and Western Europe. Azeem is leading the IGO’s division on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations for Goals 7, 11, 13 and 17.



Lt. Col. Joseph Knott

Director –  Director of Military Partnerships for the Compatible Lands Foundation
Joseph Knott serves as the Director of Military Partnerships for the Compatible Lands Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in innovative conservation partnerships with the Department of Defense. Under his direction, a first-of-its-kind partnership between federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia, green investors, and industry is creating the Department of Defense’s first forest carbon project. Previously Lt. Col. Knott served 33 years in the United States Army including several assignments at the Pentagon managing the Army’s sustainability and energy programs. Lt. Col. Knott also serves on Northern Arizona University’s Climate Science and Solutions Advisory Board and is a 2008 Kinship Conservation Fellow. He supports Operation Free, a nationwide coalition of veterans and national security experts who advocate for securing America with clean energy.

Sean Kidney

Director – Sean Kidney is the CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative, an international NGO working to mobilise debt capital markets for climate solutions. Projects include a green bond definitions and certification scheme with $34 trillion of assets represented on its Board and some 50 organisations involved in its development and governance; advising the EU; and working with China’s central bank on how to grow green bonds in China. Sean is also Consultant (Green Bonds) to the United Nations Secretary General. He is also a member of German International Aid Ministry’s TRANSfer Expert Group on “Using Climate Financing to Leverage Sustainable Transport; Mercer’s Sustainability Opportunities Fund Advisory Panel; The Canadian Corporate Knights Capital Advisory Council; Carbon War Room’s Building Efficiency Advisory Board; The Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport’s (SloCAT) Financing Framework. He was a member of the 2013 Commonwealth Secretariat’s Expert Committee on Climate Finance.

Member States



  • Aruba
  • Dominican Republic
  • East Timor
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Kenya


  • Madagascar
  • Niger
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay
  • Suriname
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Zambia


The BEIGO Treaty is open to all States.