Low carbon development summit, China

On the 16th of September Lawrence was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Low Carbon Development Summit in Taiyuan Shanxi Province China. This is a very high profile summit and Lawrence’s keynote address will follow the Governor of Shanxi Province, Lixiaopang. the son of a former Premier of China and precede Eric Maskin, a world renowned thought leader who holds a Nobel Prize in economics.

This visit was particularly successful and Lawrence met with 200 students at the Shanxi University and was invited into detailed discussion at the Institute of Coal Chemistry which is part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He met with the Director of the Institute and his senior staff. Also at the meeting was the Vice President of the largest coal company in Shanxi Province. The industry knows it must adapt and a very interesting conversation ensued.

As a result of his views Lawrence was asked by the Governor if he would put together a paper for a transition of Shanxi Province to a low carbon economy and worked with the Governors team for two days on the subject. He will report back at the end of October.